Almost a quarter of Australian teenagers suffering symptoms of mental illness

I was reading an article on ABC news today that said “almost a quarter of Australian teenagers are suffering symptoms of mental illness”. I’ve also read on Dr Kelly Brogan’s site that 1 in 4 women of reproductive age are on an anti- depressant (in the US.. not sure what the Australian statistic are on that.. but I imagine it’s up there)..

This is an epidemic of magnitude to say the least. When this many people are suffering a mental illness you have to ask yourself what’s really going on here? Are we over diagnosing the worried well? Are we over prescribing psychiatric medications to people who might be better served implementing some lifestyle changes? Or are people, on mass truly reaching a psychological tipping point?

Personally I believe it’s all of the above. Collectively, we are getting increasingly stressed, depressed, adrenally fatigued and well over it! .. and in this mad brew of evolutionary miss match big Pharma are cashing in on people’s misery. It breaks my heart!

The good news is that a new breed of Drs are emerging, offering a broader more holistic approach to treatment, or “Lifestyle Medicine” as it’s been coined. We need more of this! Dr Kelly Brogan (Holistic Psychiatrist) is one such person who I believe is a game changer in her field: debunking myths and offering a powerful scientific alternative.

She offers a free E-Book here which I highly recommend. In a world obsessed with the magic-pill-quick-fix-band-aid approach I’m so relived someone like Dr Brogan is shining her light of evidence-based truth!

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