Death as a side effect

Years back I was prescribed a medication for gastric reflux which was later taken off the market because it caused too many deaths… a particularly troublesome side effect I hear.

day of the dead artwork

Day of the Dead artwork (by Source)

Despite the horror of that realisation, I’ve still placed my bets on conventional medicine at times when I felt I really needed it.. (like that time when I had bronchitis for 3 weeks and no amount of morning yoga headstands or my housemate’s reiki would get rid of it. Go figure!) I’m grateful for the times where a prescription worked it’s wonders. (or was it the placebo effect).

But sometimes pills don’t deliver on their promise (especially if they kill you) and so you have to dig deeper and ask important questions like why is this happening?…. do I want to treat the symptoms or do I want to find the cause?

In my case I discovered I had food allergies and a weird strain of parasites which I may have contracted overseas!! It took many years for this to be uncovered but eventually I found some answers.

I can’t remember the last time I experienced gastric reflux, and what’s more I actually found I really like gluten free bread and almond milk!! As mentioned before I’ve become a promoter of Dr Kelly Brogan MD, because I’m a huge fan of Holistic medicine.. I think she represents a new breed of Drs willing to dig deeper and ask important questions. Here’s an interesting article on the placebo effect!! Really enjoyed this one!

What is the Placebo Effect, by Kelly Brogan MD


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