EFT tapping

Years back when I lived in Darwin I went to see a Dr about a sore throat. It was a bog standard bulk billing place and the Dr was a sweet dutch lady who had a gentle bedside manner.  I told her I had been a bit run down from moving house and working 2 jobs.

She prescribed me with some antibiotics but said I could fill the script in a couple of days if the sore throat didn’t go away. I asked why not take them right away and she mentioned something about antibiotic resistance and if they over prescribe them the treatment can be less effective when people really need it.

She also told me to look up something called EFT tapping for “stress”.. she must have sensed that I was going through a difficult time.  I heeded her advice and delayed the antibiotics .. a few days later the sore throat was gone and I was feeling better.


EFT Tapping points photo source

Intuitively I always had this feeling that when sick I should give my body a chance to fight the illness naturally before taking a script. I’m not sure where I got this idea from since I was raised by conventional parents; firm believers in allopathic medicine… except when it came to the dentist.

My Mum was always horrified when my Dad would announce he received a filling without anesthetic… “Good God! Why on earth would you do that?” she would ask, “isn’t it painful?” … “I prefer to feel the pain and what’s going on” he said.

Strange but something I understand (yet find difficult to articulate why).. Later I tried this brutally daring approach at the Dentist and found it wasn’t really that painful and much preferable to the weird numb feeling you get after an local anesthetic. I would not attempt this on more complicated procedures though!

Anyway, I digress, back to the dutch Dr and her suggestion to try EFT. I looked it up at the time and it turned out to be a sort of tapping version of accupunture whereby you tap certain meridian points rather than poking needles in them.

It’s freely available on the internet so I tried the method a few times, but didn’t think much of it. I did think it was unusual for a medical Dr to recommend something so alternative but it was one of those quirky suggestions I didn’t mind hearing about.

Years later I was feeling nervous about giving a presentation and it just randomly popped into my mind. I looked it up and there were literally hundreds of videos on tapping for different emotional problems including public speaking nerves. I tried the technique again and it really did chill me out!! I gave a killer presentation and was amazed.

Now this sort of therapeutic tool, to my knowledge has not been extensively clinically trialed.. at least it wasn’t back then so I could never be sure if it was really doing anything or just igniting the placebo effect.

Once you learn about the placebo effect and how powerful it is you start to not care whether it’s actually working or if the power of suggestion is doing it’s trick. Either way you feel better and get the desired result.

That’s why I feel there’s no harm in trying a non-invasive technique like EFT for something like public speaking nerves or general stress. I’ve been doing some Brad Yates videos recently which I found very relaxing!! Here’s a link 

The other thing I like about EFT is that you express your emotional issues; fears worries, negative thoughts etc whilst tapping. In that way you give them a voice, or to use the analogy of my Dad at the dentist “feel the pain and what’s going on” whilst the procedure does it’s job.

Whilst other interventions like good old “Dutch Courage” aka downing a lunchtime wine pre-presentation might cover up the nerves like an anesthetic, EFT seems to get to the root somehow and recalibrate things on a more fundamental level.

Have a chilled day people.

If you like this mental health blog please consider supporting me by checking out my favourite mental health Doctor: Dr Kelly Brogan MD (Holistic Psychiatrist).  I’m an online affiliate to her 44 Day Vital Mind Reset Course. It’s amazing!! All proceeds go back into my wellness and continuing to write this blog. 


3 thoughts on “EFT tapping

  1. I’ve heard about tapping for anxiety! Apparently on the inner wrist is a good place – and it’s not noticeable under a table! I haven’t tried it in situations when me anxiety has been bad, but it’s one people have recommended to me.

    The best thing I’ve found is calming/breathing gifs, when you breathe in and out in time to the gif!


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