More Doctors smoke camels


Smoking is healthy … recommended by Doctors! … Wow! We used to actually believe this was true! Early objectors to smoking, those that raised safety concerned were considered a fringe alternative: paranoid worry worts, a nuisance minority.

Until slowly but surely their concerns gained traction, and much research was done. The smoking lobby fought back and after a long battle we eventually came to the current consensus reality point of view that smoking is unhealthy.

History shows us how our consensus reality is ever changing as we learn more and more about the nature of reality.

When it comes to mental health some people, like Dr Peter Gotzche (co founder of Cochrane) have heavily criticized the widespread use of SSRIs. His book “Deadly Medicine and Organised Crime,” was a real eye opener and sparked my initial interest in this topic.

For those who don’t know Cochrane is one of the largest global research initiatives with 37,000 contributors from more than 130 countries, working together to produce credible, accessible health information that is free from commercial sponsorship and other conflicts of interest. They systematically review research to help professionals and patients make the best informed choices possible.

Despite Dr Gotzche’s incredible evidence-based contribution to mental health debate, much of the wisdom in his book is not applied in general practice. That is, SSRIs are still promoted as an integral part of managing depression and anxiety… without question.

New information is emerging and people are unwilling to look at it! According to Dr Kelly Brogan it takes up to 20 years for new research to filter down into actually applied practice on a day to day GP level. It doesn’t mean the new information is bogus or untrue, it just means it still hasn’t found it’s reach into the popular view.

That’s why when it comes to managing your own health it I think it’s totally valid to do your own research. That’s not to suggest getting absolutely obsessed with every possible danger, risk or drug conspiracy theory. No, don’t do that. Just do what it takes to find the treatment you feel is right for you… to find that Doctor, therapist or therapy that feels like it’s in alignment with your inner truth.

That’s all you can really do.





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