Wanted: Your recovery story


“The light at the end of tunnel was just fine and dandy, it was the tunnel at the end of the light that bothered me”. (Stuart Wilde) **

Have you recovered from depression, anxiety or substance abuse? Could your story help others rise up from rock bottom and better manage the challenges of life?

I’m looking for people to interview for this blog who have recovered or are recovering from mental health issues or substance abuse. In particular I’m looking for people who have taken a holistic road to healing: those who have explored therapies such as counselling, exercise, alternative medicine, herbs, yoga, spirituality, support groups or other health modalities.

If you’re interested in participating or would like to know more comment below and I’ll reply shortly. What if you’re story was exactly what someone else needed to hear?

I look forward to hearing from you!

(* * Photo caption quote by the late Stuart Wilde, a quirky and comical self help author popular in the 80s and 90s. I think many of us are afraid of the tunnel at the end of the light but as Robert Frost said “sometimes the only way round is through”.)


If you like this blog please consider supporting me by checking out my favourite mental health expert: Dr Kelly Brogan MD (Holistic Psychiatrist).  I’m an online affiliate of her 44 Day Vital Mind Reset Course. It’s amazing!! 








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