How to tame a psychotic brain



Ainsley Micallef, Mentor and founder of Adventures Around the World & In Your Head)


I loved reading this inspirational post today by Ainsley Micallef, (founder of Adventures Around the World and in Your Head)… she’s got a kick ass spirit that gets right to the core of the matter. I repost here with her permission..

“How To Tame A Psychotic Brain

You can’t.
I tried.

And the more I tried, the more psychotic it got.
Now I’m not talking about starting a coup and massacre-ing my neighbours.
They seem like nice people anyway.

But I AM talking about the scatteredness of thoughts. And trying to organise them into some kind of order.

This takes YEARS of practice. And the following;
a) Organising your life
b) Clarifying your goals
c) Clearing the self induced overwhelm
d) Calming your farm (meditation is a great tool)

If you’re anything like me, you want to do all of the things. And NOW!
You’re impatient, flighty, scattered and sometimes can’t even string a sentence together.

But to get anywhere with your goals, you need to tone this the eff down, i.e. put on your big girl (or boy) undies and start making clear decisions & commitment to things.

Because that’s basically what it all boils down to;
You suck at making decisions and committing to them.

That’s why people get depression & anxiety (amongst other reasons of course – but this is an aspect that, once cleaned up, will feel a lot better).
I get depression & anxiety.

And I’m so tuned in with myself now that I KNOW it’s because I’m making decisions that don’t make me feel good or benefit me in any way.
(if most people were able to recognise their triggers and address them, they’d feel a whole lot better).

It’s also because I’m spending too much time in my own head.
When that feeling comes up, I have to go straight to it to see what I’m doing or not doing that’s causing it.

Then I get out of my head, fix the problem (i.e. go to the gym, write my post or do whatever I’d been avoiding) and go about my day.

A structured & organised thought process cleans up your life, makes you feel more accomplished and keeps you ahead of your day to day rather than behind.
But NEVER EVER EVER let go of that messy, disorganised, psychotic part – because that’s what makes life interesting.

And they can get along great when they both do the jobs they’re meant to be doing.


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