When the past calls


when your past calls

Note to self:…heart wrenching sad but some people belong to your past and not to your future. Don’t answer the call, and be careful of no caller ID sneaky ones.


I posted this on facebook today and someone accused me of being “a bit negative and simplistic.”  Perhaps the meme was a bit too vague to convey the details of my personal situation and my reasons for posting it! If he knew the situation, he probably wouldn’t have said that.

But I didn’t want to get into the particulars of my personal dramas. I just wanted to share the realisation that some things are better left in your past.

It can be really hard to leave certain people and situations behind but sometimes it’s completely necessary and justified. Sometimes in order to heal two people need to go their separate ways … and it needs to stay that way.

It can be tempting to romanticise the past. To wonder what if. Could it have been different? … To forget all the day to day pain, the endless whirlwind fights, the sorrow and anguish. But if you revisit it, sometimes nothing changes. The same patterns keep repeating and it’s a loosing battle.

You have to make the call (metaphorically speaking not the actual call). And let your optimism take a side line. You have to be pessimistic to protect yourself from further heartache.

It’s crap, and you wish there was some other way. But sometimes there isn’t. You have to count your losses and move on.

You can still cherish the good memories in your heart. You can still love them from afar. You can still step into an attitude of loving kindness and hope they do well in life.

..but if they call.. a year later.. you don’t answer.

Sometimes two people just aren’t meant for each other, not even as friends. And it’s too painful to hold on to it and keep trying.

If he knew how many years I spent mulling over this situation, he would know there is nothing simplistic about the process that lead up to that conclusion.


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One thought on “When the past calls

  1. Im not a people person so i wouldn’t answer the phone don’t have one..damn did i come across a unknown hater bpock if i am..cause i feel i should do you the favor


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