Brain fries at McDonalds

friesBrace yourselves!

This video about McDonalds fries may fry your brain a bit.  But after the disturbing part (involving potato pesticides so toxic that the farmers avoid their fields for 6 days after spraying) …

There’s some interesting info about home cooking which might give you that extra incentive to break out the baking tray.

Gawd.. videos like this can be so overwhelming! After watching such horrors I have found myself dismissing it all as “too much” .. “can’t be true,” “must be fear mongering”.. and then allowing my self to chow down on rubbish clinging to the old illusion that this must be safe because it’s for sale.

But every time I do that it backfires. I end up feeling like crap, bloated and brain foggy in which case the only remedy is eating well again! You can deny shit for years but there’s always a deeper truth lurking waiting for the opportune moment to speak its wisdom.

Yes, I think people can be OTT about eating a healthy diet. Perhaps eating some fries on occasion is not a big deal (especially since they “off gas”the toxins in a shed after harvesting the potatoes .. very reassuring not).. but you know what I mean.

The human body has some capacity for processing toxins and stressing out about food can also be toxic. You’ve got to find a way to embrace life style changes that works for you.

One way which I think helps is having a program and community to be part of. Something to belong to and align with. It’s helps you get over the overwhelms and into that place of proactive truth.

I recommend Dr Kelly Brogan’s 44 Day Vital Mind Reset Course. Yes I will receive a commission if I sign anyone up to this, but I can tell you.. any money I earn will be going towards buying heathy foods and supporting the companies and industries I believe in.

vital mind pic

Vital Mind Reset Course

I also really believe this course works and is one of the most powerful interventions on the market right now.


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