Goal setting Vs no goals

Does goal setting actually work?

I think most of us make an assumption that setting a goal and making a commitment is a good thing! That it increases our chances of success by breaking down dreams into manageable portions.

But does it always work and when is it better to relinquish control over the future and live in a goalless free flow? Can this also serve our highest agenda?

Today I got a wordpress notification congratulating me for publishing 20 blogs so far.

20 posts.jpg

When I created this blog in April I set a goal to create 30 posts in 30 days, (a post daily if possible or else cram in make up blogs when time permits).  Today I was pleased to see I’m well on my way to achieving that goal. It might not be a perfect daily count but I’m happy with it so far.

I’ve pushed through some road blocks on the way, for the sake of sticking to my goal but sometimes I’m not sure if this is such a good thing.  For example, not many people are reading it or commenting and so I wonder if it’s really a pointless exercise?

Would my time be better spent elsewhere? Or is the value of writing for writing sake worth it alone? Would I be better off just posting when I feel like it.. when I’m truly inspired and feeling some sort of cosmic pull… and would I get better results that way? Or is that just lie that will lead to endless not doing?

Originally, I set out to create this blog for a few reasons such as:

a) I enjoy writing/ reflecting and wanted an outlet for that

b) I wanted to promote the work of Dr Kelly Brogan, a Holistic Psychiatrist who I love and wanted to trial the process of being an online affiliate. I wanted to see if there was potential to earn money blogging.

c) I wanted to do random acts of kindness by finding little known bloggers and reading/ commenting on their work

It made sense to give it a go for set period of time so that I wouldn’t give up too quickly.

I’m now at the point where I’m reflecting a bit on the results so far. Some people have expressed that they really appreciate my comments on their blogs “I’m so honoured by your response” are the sort of replies I’ve received.

In terms of the stats I’ve gained 22 followers, 55 likes, 6 comments and 7 clicks out to Dr Kelly Brogan.  I’m not really sure if this is dismal in the scheme of things but it’s better than what I was expecting to be honest! Ha!

Still, I’m nearing the stage where I’m going to have to make a decision as to whether I’ll continue doing this past the 30 days or not.

I was reading this blog 100 days with no goals which suggests that cultivating “habits” and “simplifying” leads to a much more productive and fulfilling life. After an 100 day no goal experiment the writer concludes

I am more productive. I didn’t anticipate this one. I thought getting rid of goals meant I was going to sacrifice results and productivity, but the opposite has been true. I tossed productivity and became more productive. I’ve written the best literary fiction of my life, I’ve watched our website’s readership increase significantly, I’ve met remarkable new people, and I’ve been able to contribute to other people like never before. The last 100 days have been the most productive days of my life.”

What do you think? Are goals important or should we be focused more on establishing habits? I would love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments.

In Dr Kelly Brogan’s 44 Day Vital Mind Reset course she helps participants establish healthy habits like meditation and ancestral eating. I think she may well be following a similar idea to the minimalists here.

vital mind pic





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