Wise words from a random stranger

I practice a weird energy healing modality called “bars.” It’s a bit like Reiki and uses energy points on the head to help clear physical and psychological blockages.

Yesterday I posted in a bars facebook group that I’m running out of money and looking for work.. I asked for energy contributions, good vibes and any tips/ advice on improving my cash flow.

go random go

Random stranger cheering me on

A random stranger messaged me and offered her 20 cents worth (pretty decent advice on reflection which was probably a lot more valuable than 20 cents).

She told me about her life as a single mum raising 4 kids and how she bought her home outright with no mortgage. At first I though she was going to try and sell me some sort of Multi Level Marketing opportunity but the conversation went for a while and the more I chatted with her the more I got the impression that she just liked being a random stranger offering to help and cheering people on.

Anyone who can raise 4 kids alone and manage to generate enough money for a house on top of that is deserving of my attention I thought. So I listened to her story, her tips and let the wisdom soak in.

Why would I trust a random stranger? Because sometimes the truth rings.. It doesn’t matter who’s saying it.. there’s just a resonance that speaks to some part of you that probably already knew it was true too.

Here are the top 10 pearls of wisdom that got from our conversation .. Who knows, maybe these could it be true for you also! I hope it helps you increase your cash flow too!

10 pearls of wisdom from a random stranger (in no particular order)


2. Set targets rather than goals. The old spelling of the word jail (gaol) looks a lot like goal, and sometimes goals feel like a prison sentence. When we set goals now for the future, we lock ourselves into a universe of no choice in the future. Use the word target instead. A target has much more flexibility than the word goal. A target is movable, you can change it, and you can shoot at it again and again.

3. The key to making money is PEOPLE not MONEY. You have to focus on what value you can add to people. How can I be of service is a good question to ask.

4. Be grateful. Every day be grateful for as many things as possible. Gratitude presses the happy button in the brain until eventually it’s switched on more.

5.What do you know that makes you feel alive. Build on what works for you. Money follows joy.

6. Think of job hunting as a game. Think of life as a game. It’s all a game try to have fun with it. Play with it.

7. You have to be willing to do what it takes to reach your targets. If that means working three jobs, getting housemates, couch surfing, painting walls, babysitting, etc you’d got to be willing. What are you unwilling to do that if you were willing to do would allow you to reach your target?

8. What works well is multiple streams of income: an action job, passive income, and cash income. You need an action job first before a passive income stream will work for you.. there won’t be enough energy behind it otherwise. (by action job I think she means a steady employment or self employment were you actively work.. for some reason this resonates although I’m not 100% sure why this is true for me.. that what I feel I need to do though)

9. Smile at strangers

10. Your heart and your body tells the truth more than your brain. Get in the vortex and follow your awareness. The truth is ultimately within.

Thanks for the pep talk random stranger. I’m feeling pumped now! 

vital mind pic






2 thoughts on “Wise words from a random stranger

  1. Great words of advice. Very interesting! I think many people take life too seriously. Once you learn to let go of worrying about every little thing, you can really start to enjoy life and be yourself.


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