Are wordpress likes real or generated?

I was checking out my wordpress stats today and noticed I’ve received 115 likes since starting my blog in April. As I’m new to wordpress I really had no idea what to expect in terms of being seen. I just felt the urge to write, share and explore the topic of mental health and decided to give it a crack. Every day when I log in and get notifications that people have viewed or liked a post I feel a sense of validation; like a sprinkle of pepper on my sense of motivation.


However, sometimes the likes arrive almost immediately after I post and I wonder if some of it is automated through apps. I heard of this happening on Instagram for example where you can pay for a service that sends out automatic likes to accounts with similar content. I didn’t find any such services for wordpress after a quick google search on the topic.

Does anyone know if the likes are real on wordpress? Can I safely allow my ego to get its daily validation boost from all of you good wordpress folk out there? Or do I need to get real and humbled that some of this is merely app marketing bots?

If anyone has insight on this I’d love to hear about it in the comments! Genuine comments make my day 🙂

What also makes my day are people who click on the Dr Kelly Brogan ads in my blog. I’m an affiliate and would be so thrilled to get paid for my blogging and promo efforts. I’m also supporting her work regardless of $ as I believe she has an excellent course helping thousands recover from mental illness. As with everything she’s gotta make a living too but it’s really a valuable investment in my opinion. Go check it out….

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20 thoughts on “Are wordpress likes real or generated?

  1. I’m sure there’s some spammy elements to WordPress as I’m not convinced people from some of the third world countries are that interested in my first world problems but I have had blogs with very few, if any, likes and views and I have had a blog or two get a handful (probably around the same amount that you’ve listed as having.) I’m still trying to figure out how all the stats work on this thing myself but it does seem like there’s a few people who read and come back for more, even on a small blog.


  2. I think your likes are valid! I began blogging like a month ago and I just managed to blog two articles and got a few likes! I know I don’t blog as often as I should, so if you got the time then the sky is the limit! Congrats 🍾

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  3. The thing about it not like onsya at don’t get likes rite away..only thing is getting genuine cool people or naysayer haters that don’t know you and get that alot that’s what the 🚫 is for or deletion is for i just ignore the hate or criticism especially from the ones i don’t know or anyone that i don’t deal with gotta stay grounded..


  4. Let the spam negativity& comparing go..I love to blog and mind my business just had to vent that..sorry some just have to get put in there place when something that feels indirected trolling..


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