The person in my dream who hated the starry night

he loved the stars

I had an bizarre dream last night where I met a person who hated the starry night. We were discussing the above quote (which also appears on the cover pic of this blog), under a beautiful night sky.

I told him I’ve always loved a starry night and this quote really spoke to me. He replied

“but what if I hate stars? … I’ve never liked stars they are too twinkly and meaningless”… 

“Too twinkly” I exclaimed “How can you not like stars? Everyone likes stars.”

“I dunno” he replied, “they’re just trillions of twinkly dots, they’re boring”

On waking I was amused and curious. What does this dream mean and why do we dream at all?

Science has made great progress in deepening our understanding of dreaming but still, there is no concrete answer to the question, why do we dream. There are however many popular theories, some of which suggest dreaming is:

  • A component and form of memory processing, aiding in the consolidation of learning and short-term memory to long-term memory storage.
  • An extension of waking consciousness, reflecting the experiences of waking life.
  • A means by which the mind works through difficult, complicated, unsettling thoughts, emotions, and experiences, to achieve psychological and emotional balance.
  • A protective act by the brain to prepare itself to face threats, dangers and challenges. (source Psychology Today)

Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, believed dreams were “the royal road to the unconscious” whereby the egos defenses were lowered and some repressed material could come into awareness. Many contemporary therapists still use dreams as a tool to delve into the more hidden aspects of our psyche.

I tend to agree with all of the above that dreams serve a variety of functions from helping us to process new information to exploring life’s challenges. I wonder also if they provide us the opportunity to explore our problems in a less linear manner: to help us break out of regimented patterns which limit our ability to accurately see ourselves and into a more creative jumble that might help us see things in a new light.

Below I’ll have a crack at analysing my starry night dream but I’d love to hear your thoughts. What do you think it might mean?

My interpretation 

There might be two possible meanings behind this dream.

  1. That part of my psyche is in conflict between pessimism and optimism. That some part of myself is more bleak and bored than my conscious mind would like to admit with it’s motivational quotes and positive efforts. The man in my dream might represent some aspect of myself whereby I’m over being starry eyed or unrealistic. That I’ve lost interest in something that might otherwise be very beautiful to the average person.
  2. The dream reflects back to me a more creative/ symbolic version of a dialogue I’ve had with a couple of people in my life who have felt ongoing depression. One person, for example has frustrated me with their continuous negativity where no matter what you say they seem to find a reason why they can’t move forward.. I have felt bad that I’ve felt frustrated by them and acknowledged that being frustrated is probably not helping them at all but I’ve felt at a loss as to how to help or be a support. The feeling I got when the guy in my dream said “they’re too twinkly” was similar to the feeling I have when speaking with this friend. A feeling of being mystified by their responses.

What do you think? What else could this dream mean? Perhaps I’m over analysing here and my brain was just free firing random stuff like a computer defragging.


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2 thoughts on “The person in my dream who hated the starry night

  1. Excellent post! I am a big believer in dreams. So much so, that I assign dream journals to my intro psychology students each year, Your theories & interpretations are bang on. My “blink” take on your dreams is that your subconscious mind is playing down (overly critical) of your (waking) dreams. “Don’t get too big for your britches” says your overly judgmental superego. I say (and so do your wide awake dreams) Fly. High. Fly. HIGH. 📓 🦅 ⭐️


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