Motivational quote experiment part 2


Yesterday I posted the above quote and asked people to offer their suggested interpretations in the comments. Today I return with the meaning behind the quote as promised.

So what does it mean?

The truth is I wrote the quote myself. (it’s not really a traditional Hebrew proverb.. sorry about that!). But let me give you some context first so that the true meaning might become apparent. Have you ever heard of a Buddhist Koan?

“A koan is a riddle or puzzle that Zen Buddhists use during meditation to help them unravel greater truths about the world and about themselves.” 

Koans are designed to be somewhat paradoxical or confusing to exhaust the analytic intellect and the egoistic will so that a more intuitive response can arise. I’ve also read about similar practices that were once a part of ancient Celtic spirituality.

With this quote I didn’t set out to write a Koan though. Initially I set out to write a meaningless quote for a friend (we had an ongoing joke dialogue happening about funny quotes).

However as hard as I tried to write a few lines that had no meaning I kept finding when I read it back that I could make sense of it! That’s when I remembered Zen Koans and realised that I was accidentally creating my own Koan or sorts (in a round about subconscious way perhaps).  So I jotted down the meaning behind my stream of nonsense and what I got out of it was something like

“life offers you choices and you can always keep recreating yesterday.. but there’s also the opportunity to create something new and when you’re really on track there’s no fork, the path calls you clearly .” 

It’s interesting that this interpretation was similar to what a few other people said yesterday when I presented them the quote.

Finding meaning in random stuff is something I’ve noticed since the very first time I ever wrote lyrics.. (when I’m not blogging I’m often songwriting as I’m a musician). Even the most uncensored stream of consciousness lyrics can still sometimes reveal deeper truths.

So, the real meaning behind my motivational quote is …

whatever your subconscious wants you to hear.

There are no wrong answers! …There are no fools! … It’s just a catalyst for exploration.


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