How wordpress increased my attention span

According to a recent study the average human attention span has fallen from 12 to eight seconds. Coinciding with the rise in social media and smart phone usage, our attention span is now shorter than a goldfish.

couple with phones

Photographer Eric Pickersgill removed phones from photos to show how addicted we’ve become

If you google “attention span + technology” you’ll be quick to find thousands of articles, studies and discussions about how technology is changing our brains. From destroying our attention span to increasing our ability to multi-task, there is no doubt that modern technology is having an impact.

But before I read about any of this I already knew my attention span was scattered. It was just obvious. Before the rise of facebook and smartphones I used to read more: books, magazines, the newspaper.. I used to frequent cafes and read good old printed material whilst sipping a cleche latte. I can’t remember the last time I did that. Instead I usually take my phone or laptop, skull a latte and do several things on the net at once.

I used to rent a DVD and just watch it from start to finish. Now I find myself watching netflix, whilst chatting with a friend on facebook, sending an email and answering a phone call. I find myself dancing between all those things and feeling sort of odd if I don’t. My brain has gotten used to scattered stimulation.

So that’s why I started this blog. I felt the latent call of my true attention span. I felt saturated by short grabs. I was done with distraction. It was time to concentrate. To bring back the old school part of me that wanted to go deeper.

So in April I just started writing. Every day that I had spare time I wrote a blog post. I read and I ranted. I picked a topic and wove my personal reflections with the perspectives of industry experts. I gave my brain a chance to truly ponder over what I believe.

Now it’s been two months and I can honestly say my brain has started to change.. for the better. I’ve found myself viewing other people’s blogs and actually reading them from start to finish. Taking the time to comment from a deeper reflective place. I’m glad I chose wordpress (they should pay me for that plug!!) as it seems to attract writers and those who share that same call towards a longer expression.

Don’t get me wrong. I still love social media. I love my phone. I love it all. Sometimes I still love faffing around in scatterbrain land doing 20 things at once but I had reached a point where I’d crossed the line. I was overly addicted and it wasn’t serving me. I wanted to cultivate a more focused downtime practice. And so far I’m really glad I did!


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5 thoughts on “How wordpress increased my attention span

  1. Glad you chose WP too.. sorry do not know your name still.. But yes interacting via the media of blog land for me at least is my only vise.. My phone is not that up to date, so its not as internet savvy as some.. I’m not a member of FB, and only go on G+ now and again..
    I have noticed though if we post anything over 500 words people will not comment as often.. As it takes time to read.. And many still do not read, but press like as they flick through their reader..
    It is of course impossible to read everyones post.. I follow over 400.. some post twice sometimes three times a day.. I have to moderate these to come in once a week in my settings..
    I have met some wonderful people through WP.. I was given the choice to either adopt WP or Blogger as my blog got migrated from Windows Live Spaces, in the good old days.. It closed down, but at a click of the mouse were were given the choice of who our new blogging platform would be..
    I am so pleased I chose WordPress.

    Wishing you every success with your blog and WP.. and as you no doubt have seen..
    I enjoy commenting.. 😉
    Have a wonderful week.

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    • Hi Sue, many thanks once again for taking the time to read my blog! Yes I get what you mean even on here people don’t have the time to read everything and are often just glancing past and I’m sure it can get hard to keep up if you have a lot of followers or follow a lot of blogs. I used to have a blogger blog years back but tried wordpress this time for something different. I still like blogger to but word press seems to have a better process of cross sharing content. Look forward to seeing your future posts. – Rachael (that’s my name!)

      Liked by 1 person

      • Like wise and thank you Rachael.. 🙂 I often have the habit of catch ups in blocks, so if you post a few together and I miss them I am often late in arriving at places, but I always try my best to catch up with as many as I can.. Not always possible.. but I have been lucky as your posts have been in the reader when I log in.. 🙂
        And I am enjoying reading your thoughts Rachael.. 🙂 and Look forward to your future posts.. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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