There is no truth, only points of view


So I lied. There is no truth only points of view. On naming my blog “The Truth about Mental Health” I wanted to add my perspective to the melting pot.. the truth as I see it…A perspective I felt was underrepresented in the group-think of consensus reality.

But there are no absolutes. Science seeks it: an objective truth. Proof. Facts. Evidence. It’s all very compelling at times but the deeper you dig the more you realise even science is mystified.

At a quantum level science has revealed how everything is energy and sub atomic particles behave differently depending on whether or not they are observed by us. What implications does this have on the very nature of scientific study itself? Are we simply getting the results we’re expecting because life responds to our observation? The possibilities are mind boggling!

The Truth about Mental Health blog is morphing. I don’t know where it’s going yet but I think the title might come across as a little too preachy perhaps. That’s not my intention. I want to add to the truth discussion rather convince you to join my “right way” camp.

I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to healing.

I do believe in what works.

I also believe in a ton of stuff I can’t prove.

So what do you think about the title? Should I change it? What else could I name this site? I would love your thoughts and feedback.


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