Can you work your receiving muscle to increase your cash flows?

I recently came across a blog post where the writer discussed working on their capacity to receive. They felt that they had blocks to receiving that were preventing them from having the money and abundance they desired.

receiving a giftI’ve come across this concept many times in self-help/ psychology material and today I wanted to explore the topic further with the question: can you work your receiving muscle to increase your cash flows?

Advocates of ‘work your receiving’ type concepts suggest YES you can expand this capacity if you’re willing.

“Abundance shows up if we are willing to receive” is a popular concept I’ve come across.

The assumption here is that poverty or lack is the end result of being unwilling to receive. This is a fairly bold statement when you think about it but since I’ve heard it a lot I thought I would see if there’s any truth to it.

The first question that comes to mind when considering this idea is

Why would someone be unwilling to receive what they would actually really like to have?

A few examples come to mind where someone might be unwilling or uncomfortable with receiving something they would like.

  • A bankrupt adult refusing money from a sibling because of potential family dramas. They might really like to have more money show up but not via a sibling they’ve had previous money dramas with.
  • A feminist unwilling to have her meal paid for by a romantic date because it compromises her equality values. The feminist may really like getting a free meal but not on a romantic date.
  • A doctor feeling uncomfortable about receiving a free holiday from a pharmaceutical rep because of a sense of obligation to prescribe their brand. They may really feel like a holiday but feel it’s a conflict of interest.

After writing the above examples I noticed a common theme:  it’s more about the giver, or the way the offering is being delivered, rather than the offering itself. In all instances the person actually wants the thing being offered but not with the specific compromise attached. For example, the bankrupt adult would like money but not at the cost of future family dramas, the feminist would like a free meal but not at the cost of compromising her commitment to gender equality and the doctor wants a holiday but not at the cost of personal ethics.

It’s not that those people don’t want to receive generally, or that their receiving capacity is weak. They might be quite willing to receive in a million other ways. It’s that the trade offs, in those particular instances aren’t worth it for them. They’ve assessed the situation and made a choice based on what they believe will deliver them the best outcome, otherwise they probably wouldn’t make that choice. They may actually be choosing to receive the fullness of what’s available by making informed choices, weighing up options and choosing what feels right for them.

Having said that, some people with low self worth may feel uncomfortable with receiving more generally and may feel undeserving money.

For these people I don’t think working the receiving capacity is necessarily helpful though (and is that even possible?) Anything they try to receive is just going to bump up against their core beliefs. How do you make yourself receive when some part of you is in conflict with what’s being offered?

I think what works better than trying to develop the receiving muscle is tapping into intrinsic motivation and the innate desire we all have to create something. You may not like yourself but somewhere within is the drive to create something you do like. And that’s where you can make some $$

I believe everyone has an inner being that wishes to create something worthwhile in this lifetime whether that be a business, an artistic endeavor, or work outcomes for a company or cause. There’s a zest for improvement and creation in each one of us and once we tap into it the ego jumps on board sooner or later. Once we begin creating what we want to create self worth follows naturally in time.

A great book that explores this process further is Robert Fritz’s The Path of Least Resistance. It’s probably one of the most helpful self-help books I’ve come across on my journey and it helped me realise where I truly can add value to the world, and my potential to trade that for $.

the path


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