Confusion: friend or foe? Seeking your input for my next blog post


Let’s face it, confusion can be really confusing. Like so confusing it does your head in. Or maybe it doesn’t. I’m not sure. Because my experience of confusion might be different to yours and I’m pretty confused about whether or not it’s really that confusing or just mildly so.

Confused by the above? I don’t blame you. It’s a bit confusing.

So today I’ve been mulling over the concept of, you guessed it, confusion and an idea came to me: what if confusion was a gift? What if it was valuable part of how we process information and make decisions.

No one likes feeling confused or unsure: it can be so distressing to remain in a state of limbo. But what if it was important and how might the confused state actually serve us?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this as I work on my next post for tomorrow. The Confusion Illusion.. do you think confusion is valuable and if so how?



12 thoughts on “Confusion: friend or foe? Seeking your input for my next blog post

  1. Yes I believe confusion is valuable.. Its why we are human, Being given a choice, to choose.. If everything were easy, and if we were perfect or clear on Everything, what would we need to learn, if we knew everything without having to process and weigh things up as being good or bad choices.
    So confusion arises as we are indecisive, unsure, because we are learning and growing all the time..
    Confusion comes when we are unclear in our thinking, when there is not information for us to make choices.. And often then Confusion creates doubt, which leads us to feel insecure and we then become more confused as we doubt are those choices right? So around and around we go..

    I used to be indecisive, But now I am not so sure! 🙂

    🙂 will look out for you new post.. and do not take notice of one word I say.. lol.. For what do I know.. 🙂
    Not a lot in the scheme of things.. 😀

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