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A yoga teacher once convinced me to attend a retreat to meet his teacher: a self-realized enlightened guru from India. The fact that my yoga teacher was mesmerizing-ly good looking had nothing to do with why I agreed to go (lol). But after a day at the retreat the OTT cult vibes got to me and so I left early, walked a long way to a regional train station and jumped on a Melbourne bound train.

On the way home I thought about the process of becoming a self-realized guru. Did this lady just wake up one day and say bam, I’m enlightened it’s time to teach the world? And then did everyone just suddenly agree with her new found self perception?

To be fair to this lady, she did seem very sweet and pretty much everything that came out of her mouth was wise not unlike what you might hear the Dalai Lama say.  So why didn’t I eagerly join in with the devotional party and chant my way into everlasting bliss? The fact that my yoga teacher turned out to be super busy coordinating everything and didn’t give me a second glance had nothing to do with why I left early (lol)

I admit it was a bit intense to up and leave but I guess in my heart of hearts I just didn’t feel comfortable with the atmosphere of mega devotion.. I was more of an eclectic seeker and I guess some part of me felt a bit jibbed. What’s stopping me from accessing my own self-realised truth? Why do I need some elaborately dressed fly in from overseas to tell me how to be a good person?

Don’t get me wrong I’m not anti-guru.. There’s no right way with this. Sometimes we need an external teacher and that’s totally fine. I guess at that time I wasn’t really looking for that.. I was more interested in finding a hot date. oops. Probably not the most enlightened way to go about it!

Anyways.. what’s all this got to do with the blog award I posted above? Well, today I decided to be my own self-realised blog awards giver to celebrate what I’ve achieved with this blog so far..  A pat on the back and some self-encouragement for creating 50 blogs since April (or delivering 50 doses of sanity as per my blog tagline) and attracting 70 awesome followers! I made my own self-realized award. That probably sound totally narcissist! But I’m trying to encourage myself because this blog has no boss. It’s just me. I’m a lonesome #girlboss minus the dolla dolla bills…but maybe they’re coming!


I get that the number of followers may seem dismal in the scheme of things but I’m pretty pleased with what I’ve achieved so far. Especially since initially my intention with this blog was not unlike buying a lottery ticket: I thought there’s a really slim chance anyone will ever read this but I enjoy ranting in my journal about health topics so I thought why not give it a crack? Not the most strategic thing I’ve ever rolled out but it kind of took on a life of it’s own and now it’s become an almost daily habit.

A huge THANK YOU to all my followers and those who liked posts or delivered the holy grail of an actual comment. You rock!!! I’ve also really enjoyed reading all of your blogs and exploring mental health from a myriad of perspectives. 

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7 thoughts on “The self-realized brave blogs association award

  1. Congratulations Rachael, A Cool award you created. and no mean feat to produce so many posts in such a short space of time.. So well done.. And I was years and years with only a handful of followers kind of, as I started my blogging days back with Windows Live Spaces.. Which eventually closed down but who gave us the option to transfer our blogs over the either Blogger, or WordPress, So I was pretty pleased I chose WP,, 🙂 As I have met some wonderful bloggers out here..
    So you are welcome.. 🙂 and I am sure you will attract more and more.. As we interact with fellow bloggers our own follows increase and if you get to be like me.. I have over 400 on my follow list so things can get a little crazy in catch ups..
    But many I have recently followed now are not even bothering to answer comments, they just click like if I am lucky.. .. So I will be trimming a few weeds out soon.. 🙂
    Enjoy your weekend Rachael and well done again for creating such interesting posts I enjoy reading xx

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