The privilege of living

magic bodies

Spencer Tunick Art Installation in Munich

It’s a privilege to be alive on planet earth! No matter where we are at in life; rich, poor, run-of-the-mill, exuberant, average or rock bottom it’s a massive privilege to be here taking another breath. This privilege is what unites us.

These Spencer Tunick art installations speak to me in this way. You may have your own interpretation but this is what I get from them. Whilst we can celebrate our uniqueness and point of difference there is probably more that’s similar about us than different. “Look for the similarities, not the differences” someone once advised me and indeed this can a be a good way to feel how we are all connected.

magic bodies3

Spencer Tunick Art Installation@ Burning Man Festival

All of us would like to love and be loved, to enjoy our bodies and to find a zest for living. That’s the common thread that weaves together why we are all here exploring each other’s blogs for example. We all have our different way of expressing ourselves, our taste preferences for various brands and tribal symbols of what we are aspiring to but at the end of the day we are naked with nothing but a veil of our own perception (which can be quite beautiful).

Recently life has taught me to celebrate my point of difference as well as what connects me with others. It’s a dynamic experience of popping in and out of that separateness and into unity and then back again.

It’s easy to judge one another. To be a snob or an inverse snob. To look down on those with less or mistrust those with wealth. The artworks above remind me to consider the illusion of ego and it’s various expressions. No one is better than me or less than me. We simply share a common experience whilst expressing our individual perspective.

Today I’m grateful for Spencer Tunick’s art for reminding me of this.


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