Extroverted iNtuitive feeling perceiving


ENFP Humor by Cathy Thorne

For a bit of fun I just completed this short version of the Myers Briggs/ Jung Typology personality test.  The result: Extroverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiving (ENFP). You can try it here.

It’s interesting as I took a more comprehensive version of this test in the workplace about 8 years ago and the results were identical.

I’m not a huge fan of personality testing generally but this one does seem to offer a certain level of insight into one’s personal preferences and typical modus operandi in life.

According to the site’s page on suitable careers for ENFPs I may be well suited to writing a mental health blog!! ha ha.

“ENFP’s make good life coaches, social workers, psychologists, addiction rehab counsellors, and other mental and community care staff. …As well they succeed as journalists and in various occupations requiring good communication skills.”

I’ll take that as a sign that’s I’m in the right place here!

What’s your Jung type? Check out the test and share your results in the comments. Does it sound about right for you? Would love to hear your thoughts.


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