A free e-book for men with depression

Peter Balcarek

This caught my eye today as I was scrolling through facebook land. I’ve mentioned holistic women’s health quite a bit on this blog, so I thought it might be helpful to share some secret men’s business too! Peter Balcarek, is offering a free e-book on depression and the key steps that helped him recover. Download here.  This is a non-sponsored post … it just caught my attention so I read the e-book this morning.

It can take a lot of bravery for men to admit to having emotional issues, especially those who were raised with an attitude of “big boys don’t cry” or that it’s not okay to show your feelings. However, for Peter, this tendency to repress his emotions lead to deep and profound depression. In the end he had no other choice but to


People will do almost anything to avoid this. Alcohol, drugs, partying, meds, binge T.V watching and many other escape strategies but for Peter, there was no skipping this step. It’s was essential in the recovery process.

This has been a common theme I’ve encountered when interviewing people for this blog: you’ve got to allow the darkness to be there before you can move forward. It’s an interesting attitude that might seem counter-intuitive to some but it does seem to work for people! But of course you can’t dwell in the darkness forever… so what comes next?

Check out Peter’s inspirational story for some pointers here.


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