Escape the matrix or learn to play it

Treechange, seachange, or mechange? When going though tough times drastic life changes can seem appealing. Perhaps you’ve dreamed of escaping the matrix to move to the beach, quit your job to start a hobby farm or take some leave to enrol in 10 days of silent meditation in the Himalayas. Whilst drastic changes might call you at times, it’s often just as powerful to start from within. If you’re mind is stuck in destructive and self-loathing patterns you could find yourself creating the same limitations no matter where you go or what you do.

We’ve all had times where we want to escape the rat race and change things up, but sometimes the best thing we can do is embrace reality and learn to work it’s magic! Reality can be your friend if you learn the tools to play the game.


playing the matrix

There are a variety of teachers offering this kind of approach including Mike Dooley famous for his bestseller “infinite possibilities”.

What I’ve learned from teachers like Dooley is that you can really get stuck in the limited mindset of probability thinking. Of course we have to make common sense decisions every day and try to predict what actions will lead to the best outcomes. But sometimes playing it safe is our worst enemy keeping us stuck under the vail of the known. What about the unknown? How do we explore what’s truly possible rather than just what’s probable? How can we incorporate elements of this mindset into our lives?

I noticed Mr Dooley is offering an online course called “Playing the matrix” and the intro videos really made sense to me. He talks about hitting rock bottom when his first t-shirt business failed and how he rebuilt his life from that desperate place. I always love a good transformation story.. and what I like about this guy is that even though he’s a dreamer he’s not delusional. You’ve got to put in the hard yards too!

Check out the online course here.


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