Do you have to be happy to help? Questioning this quote

not happy not helping

I came across this quote today which ironically you might find a bit depressing, especially if you’re not on top of the world right now. But is it true? Do you have to be on-top-of-the-word, top-of-your-game and brimming with joy and vitality to help someone?

In contrast is another quote I came across today. (I swear I’m not just quote reading all day lol.. seeing this repeated theme is a happy coincidence)

help people

According to this article in Psychology Today studies suggest that helping others contributes to our overall well-being. In particular people who do volunteering report better health and more happiness than people who do not volunteer.

Are the volunteers mentioned in these studies happy to begin with before feeling called to do good deeds or does volunteering ignite those positive feelings? My guess is probably a bit of both but more so the latter.

One of the major criticisms I have about some new age and new thought thinking (e.g. the first quote) is that it discourages people to take action in areas that might result in a happy win win for all. I know for myself a sense of having to feel great before I embark on a new activity or endeavor has held me back at times, yet when I’ve challenged the idea I’ve often found it works in the reverse way. Happy comes after the good deed.

It’s like Anthony Robbins says “feel the fear and do it anyway” .. this could be applied to helping people also “feel a bit average but help someone anyway.”

Having said that if you’re really unwell, there’s a time and place for good old fashioned R n’ R. There are probably instances when you have to fill your own cup first before filling others and where being a good samaritan just ain’t gonna happen. And that’s perfectly okay too.

Do whatever you feel is best for you but don’t get too caught up into the new age idea that you have to be enlightened before you can help anyone. I don’t buy into that. Just my point of view.






2 thoughts on “Do you have to be happy to help? Questioning this quote

  1. Big smiles.. too right.. we help each other because we share our experiences.. Being enlightened.. comes in many shapes and forms.. lol..
    We are our own best Guru’s 🙂 I feel at times.. And going through depression ourselves I think gives us the best credentials 🙂
    There are no right or wrong ways for we are all different.. And what works for one may well not work for another.. Just talking about our own journeys though helps others perhaps see there is light at the end of the tunnel when they themselves are going through their dark patch..

    Love and Blessings ( its been a while since I caught up with you, as I have been following my own new golden rule. to put me time first ) lol
    Sending hugs and hope all is well with you
    Sue ❤

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