100 followers! woo

Taking a moment to celebrate 100 followers. Wooooo


With a little celebratory dance!

Okay so it’s not 1000 followers, or 10,000 followers like some of you good folk have! But I’m actually really happy with this so far! Even if only one person is reading this I’m thrilled because I love journalling, I love ranting and enjoy analysing and evaluating various mental health and empowerment concepts. If some of you find that useful to read also then BONUS! Woo what else is possible?

Thanks so much to everyone who has stopped by so far and participated in the discussion. I’m really grateful!

What’s next?

What ideas and insights can I contribute to the world of mental health?

What would you like to read about?

Thanks again everyone! xx



8 thoughts on “100 followers! woo

  1. Wonderful achievement.. and you know I whopped when I reached my 100 too.. 🙂 But it matters not if we have 1,000 or 10,000 .. if we reach but one person to help make their day brighter or more enlightened then we have done our job ..
    I know my own list has grown, but I doubt very much many of those other than around 70 really read my blog.. and around only 50 ever comment..
    Enjoy your celebrations now here’s to the next 100 milestone.. I am sure it will not be long..

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      • Yes I am sure many just click so you follow back.. I am in the process of trimming some of my own follows down at the moment.. You will find you get the flurry of comments for the first post they follow and never to be seen again.. 🙂 Times many I go back and leave comments to be ignored.. So these are the ones I will no longer be following.. ❤ Take care of you and enjoy your blogging time..

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