6 dollar remedial massage

chlorine is my perfume

Swimming some laps is as good as a massage – and the aftermath.. parfum! 

I woke up this morning feeling stiff and achy, like my body could use a decent remedial massage. In an ideal world I’d get a remedial massage once a week for the ultimate chillax factor. However, being the frugal lass that I am I find that swimming achieves the same end result. Plus it has additional health benefits like building endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness.

It’s been several months since I visited the pool for a swim. Being the heart of winter it can be difficult to convince yourself that it’s worth the effort. But today my body was like, “just do it, I really needs some respite from this whole gravity business.” .. and it worked …


I don’t know if it’s the exercise, regimented breathing or the chorine fumes but I always feel pleasantly spaced out after swimming laps. I came home ate dinner and then fell asleep on the coach.. the kind of sleep that feels deeply restorative.

I have a friend who swears by swimming and goes religiously every friday night. He says it’s the only way to “stay sane in an insane world”. This is a poster he has hanging on his kitchen wall.

Moral of the story! Go swimming. It’s only 6 bucks (or thereabouts) !!



The Truth about Mental Health is an affiliate of Playing the Matrix, an online empowerment course facilitated by legendary author Mike Dooley. Learn the tools to get what you (really) want and thrive in this crazy world. 

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