The paradoxical process of wellness

learning to dance

Set the vision then let it go. Allow what is and trust the process. 

You may notice a number of contradictions in my blog posts. One day I may post about the Law of Attraction and benefits of positive thinking whilst another day I might discuss the healing power of allowance and complete acceptance of what is, warts and all.

The reason for exploring opposing ideas is not because I’m changing my mind all the time,  but because I believe a wellness mindset involves utilizing a variety of tools, even when they are seemingly contradictory.

For example consider the process of learning something new, lets say hip hop dance. You’ve decided you want to learn to dance and so you register for a dance class. Pre class you get a bit nervous fearing that you might look silly or fail to pick up the steps easily. To deal with that you might think positive encouraging thoughts like “it will be great exercise no matter what” ..”a bit of nerves is normal as I haven’t danced since I was a child” .. “it’s just a class and it’s good to give things a try.” You may even visualize yourself street dancing and busting some rad moves. You get your self psyched enough to walk through the studio door!

Say when you’re in the class you find you’re messing up the steps way more than everyone else and feeling like a bit of a douche..  at this stage there’s a division between what is (your messy confused dance attempt) and what you would like to be (a rad street dancer busting some slick moves).

Here you might find it more useful to go into allowance mode, be present with what’s happening and try to be open and receptive to the instructions without the evaluation mind getting in the way. If you were to focus too much on your goal, or the conflict between what is and what you would like to be in this instance, you might continue to feel crappy and sad when you mess up a step…. because it may take time to become that vision.

I think focusing on the goal and going into allowance are both useful, just at different times. You pop in and out of perspectives depending on what’s more effective at any given moment. Does that make sense? Or maybe I am speaking the obvious here. For some reason I had to take some time to wrap my head around these contradictions! .. and it’s still a work in progress.


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2 thoughts on “The paradoxical process of wellness

  1. I’m all about the paradox. Life. Love. Health. The contrast is what makes it interesting AND sometimes makes it hurt like MF. True story. But so worth the ride! Thanks for sharing. I continue to be inspired by your writing. #Grateful 💫

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