Coincidence or a sign? 

Yesterday I was driving to the local shops and contemplating the idea of “positive energy.”  I was was literally thinking the thought “could I be choosing to put out more positive energy right now?” when suddenly an electrical service van pulled out of a driveway in front of me with this branding down the side:


Positive energy, electrical company logo

I was so taken aback as it seemed to almost magically appear, like a visual echo of my thought. I laughed and said out loud, “thanks universe I guess I’ll take that as a sign?”

Later in the day, I was walking in a completely different area when the earlier incident popped into my head. Once again I contemplated the idea of positive energy and wondered if seeing the van was indeed a sign, a gentle nudge from a above suggesting I could work on generating more positive energy.

Then the same van drove past. AGAIN!


Now I was really taken aback.

Maybe I could dismiss the first occurrence as a mere coincidence but the second? The timing was just too crazy weird.. almost twilight zone level spooky. I stopped in my tracks and laughed again. “Okay universe, I’ve got to be positive. I get it.”

giphy (1)

I should add that Positive Energy, is not a large company that you see around everywhere. In fact I’d never heard of them until yesterday.  So it did really feel like a strange occurrence.

What do you think? A coincidence or a sign? Some people call this confirmation bias but that just spoils the fun (or positive energy) now doesn’t it?




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