How your big dreams start with an adventurefest mindset

Ainsley M

Ainsley Micallef, Life Reinvention Mentor 

What if achieving those big and ridiculous dreams begins with a simple shift in mindset?… What if realising your slightly crazy aspirations starts with an adventurefest inside your head?

Meet Ainsley Micallef, a Life Reinvention Mentor and creator of The Adventurefest Method, who says changing your mindset is the key to achieving any goal, big or small.

Yesterday I interviewed Ainsley to get a sneak peak into her intrepid approach to lifestyle design, which found her overcoming depression, adventuring around the world and reinventing her brain.

“You’ve got to make peace with the inner monsters,” she says and then “all it takes is one step ONE MOVE FORWARDS”.

Tell me a little bit about yourself, your career path, lifestyle and interests.

I’m a Life Reinvention Mentor which means I help people get out of a rut and create a new future for themselves. My main objective is to get them starting a business so they’ve got freedom to travel … but it covers all areas of their lives.

I predominantly do mindset work with them, because how they think is the starting point to creating those big ridiculous dreams. And then I teach a framework I call The Adventurefest Method which is a 6 step method to achieving any goal.

My interests include travel, I’m a nomad by nature so have spent the last 20+ years working, living and travelling around Australia and the world. I’m a HUGE animal & food lover … and my big ridiculous dream is to have my own tour company as well as an elephant sanctuary in Thailand or Vietnam.

What do you love about being a teacher and mentor? What are the greatest challenges when it comes to facilitating personal development?

I love the results people get. One of my former date coaching clients got engaged the other day. I also get a kick out of blowing their brains out with what’s possible if they allow themselves to think that big.

The greatest challenge is that I’m a rescuer by nature … so I have to remind myself to step back and let them figure it out instead of trying to solve it for them.

You mentioned in your mentoring blogs that you have experienced boats of depression in the past. What was it like, what were the circumstances and how did you overcome it?

I did a lot of drugs and alcohol from age 14 until my mid 30’s.

So the depression was definitely a result of that, but it was also a result of feeling like I didn’t belong anywhere and trying to figure out my own identity … and being ok that I’m not ‘traditional’ by nature. I’m a free spirit so the picket fence, marriage and babies thing wasn’t something I pursued with a lot of interest.

I’ve had many emotional ups and downs … and I never wanted to take medication for it. Instead I used personal development and mindset work on myself to overcome the obstacles in my head.

It’s not as fast acting … but it’s more sustainable and has mountains of benefits that will last me a lifetime.

In the personal development and self-help world we often hear about the Law of Attraction and the idea that we can manifest our goals via the power of positive expectations, thoughts and feelings. Do you think this process works? Are there any essential truths left out of this way of thinking?

One thing I get frustrated with in a lot of LOA teachings is they avoid the fact that obstacles and facing them are a part of life and learning.

A lot of LOA stuff glosses over problems with ‘just think yourself happy’ which leads to a lot of people feeling like failures because they’re not projecting positive vibes all the time.

You need to deal with the monster first … make peace with it. And you need to do a lot of mindset training to become this ‘perfect beacon of light’.

But I also think obstacles make you stronger. So make yourself a problem solver.

When you have that mindset it makes you curious about fixing things. It becomes a fun little game where you get to say to yourself, ‘I wonder what’d happen if I did this’.

Want to start your adventurefest today? You can read more about Ainsley’s awesome work below.


3 thoughts on “How your big dreams start with an adventurefest mindset

  1. Wow I really enjoyed reading this interview extract. I certainly agree with the idea of acceptance, in relation to dealing with the internal monsters and thanks for not making us feel like failures for understanding that it’s easier said than done moving towards just positive thoughts constantly, particularly when dealing with challenges. I read another interesting related article today that noted 80% of the thoughts of most humans was negative daily! Mindshift is key and I feel little by little long term development can be sought. Thanks again.

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    • Hey Eiresown, thanks for reading and stopping by. Wow 80% of our thoughts are negative. I wonder if that’s got something to do with how many ads we see per day selling images and lifestyles that are often unattainable. I read somewhere that we see thousands of marketing messages per day. We really do need to work on shifting our thoughts hey but like you said it can be challenging! On step at a time 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes idea is similar to gigo I guess (garbage in, garbage out). Well similar to the marketing ads idea I feel people always compare upwards rather than sidewards and below which naturally causes negativity. Yes uno step at a time, like learning a new dance routine I suppose!

        Liked by 1 person

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