Inspired action vs. reactive lack-based action

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When it comes to taking action, whether it be planning a holiday, looking for a job or starting a blog, I’ve noticed there are two different types. There’s action that feels good… and then there’s action that feels forced, obligatory, heavy and at times almost futile. I call these two types of action 1) inspired action and 2) reactive lack-based action.

Many desires come from a state of lack in that knowing what we don’t want makes it clear to us what we do want. Let’s use the example of learning to sew. Say you can’t find clothes that fit you ideally (lack) and so you decide you’d love to create your own funky pieces.

This desire feels exciting.. There’s some part of you that feels called to this challenge. It feels good to consider learning a new skill… and the thought of having custom made funky and original clothes fills you with joy! So you start to think about how you might achieve this goal of learning to sew. As a first port of call you might do an internet search and look for info, resources and classes on the topic.

Now the internet is a vast place with a trillion possibilities and as such you might find yourself experiencing information overload… with hundreds  of classes in your city… thousands of different types of machines .. and endless conflicting commentary about what brand and models are best/ worst .. you might feel completely unsure where to go next.

So what happens if you find your self getting caught up in negative emotions, like confusion and overwhelm? What happens if the longer your surfing the net the less excited you’re getting because there’s so many options it’s mind boggling? This is where you might tend to react to the negative emotions, and try to take control and “make things happen” to resolve this inner turmoil. You could find yourself frenetically making a shopping do list, enrolling in several online classes and ringing some friends to hound them on what they know.

The problem is, your dominant emotions through all of this are frustration, impatience, and annoyance.. you just want to resolve it already in fact you want to resolve it yesterday! And why are those machines so darn expensive!! Somehow you’re not even feeling exited about the project anymore.

This is lack-based reactive action taking. Action coupled with negative emotions is often not that generative. I know this because I’ve been through the process a million times. It’s like it creates it’s own tornado of negativity and then life reflects that back to you. The shop assistants are assholes, the internet starts playing up, .. you go to call your sewing guru friend but she’s away.

This, in my opinion, often happens when we take cerebral forced anxious action as opposed to inspired action.. So what is inspired action?

This is when the action simply feels “right” and in alignment. There’s often a flow and resonance to it. You still might feel eager or impatient but it’s in the context of a greater excitement that’s pulling you forward. Even if you’re pushing shit uphill and it’s crazy hard work there’s something you’re enjoying about it nonetheless, there’s a sense of trust that you’re on the right track. There’s a knowing that’s hard to articulate in words alone.

Going back to the example of sewing, if you were to approach it in an inspired action way you might still first, surf the net. But when you start to feel info overload you might, take a break and go for a walk. If you’re a spiritual person you might ask the universe “show me a good way to learn to sew” then you might go into allowance mode and trust that you will find a suitable course and that the right actions to take will come to you in due course . You might take it a bit slower because you’re more trusting. You wait for the next urge, inspiration or creative idea to move forward.

On your walk you might see a notice board out the front of the local milk bar… “fashion student offering sewing tutoring $20/ hr”. The pictures look really funky and so you call immediately, what a bargain! The student designer is lovely and her services provide a wonderful opportunity for you to get started with your hobby.  You just saved yourself a lot of internet search time and frustration!

Okay so it doesn’t always come about this easily but you get my drift. I’m sure you would have experienced these type of situations many times before. But if you’re anything like me, you might still need the reminder from time to time to refocus on trust and excitement!! Whilst it’s fabulous to have so many options in life it can also be extremely confusing when you need to make a decision. That’s why we need to keep tuning back in to our true inner beings, our broader goals and our positive overarching emotions.

Below is an vintage Abraham Hicks video exploring a similar concept. I believe it’s important that we keep returning our minds back to what excites us.. to keep that our dominant creative force. And sometimes when we do this the particulars can just work themselves out or we can take inspired action when it’s required.. but not in a forced and counter productive manner.

As Abe puts it “You blast that energy out in advance and you can create a visual, an absolute reality, that begins to vibrate of it’s own accord because you’ve given life to it, and then it vibrates and reaches out and actually beckons the action right out of you.” Abraham Hicks.


2 thoughts on “Inspired action vs. reactive lack-based action

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  2. This was such a well written post.. Rachael As some one who has made their own clothes, not so easy when you want to set about learning a new skill.. 🙂 and yes those machines are expensive … Mine cost a lot when I purchased it back in the late 70’s but it still works perfectly 🙂 When you give it a little TLC with a few drops of Machine oil in the right places.. 🙂

    I think sometimes we self-sabotage ourselves.. We as you rightly say want everything NOW, this instant, because this is how we are getting programmed..
    In my youth, and in our early days of marriage.. If you wanted something new for the home, or for ourselves,, We had to work and save hard until we had enough to buy it outright.
    Now we are programmed to get it now, Buy now pay later.. as we find the modern world gets those who can not wait into the loop of dept..
    And many buy or pay later lol thinking these THINGS are going to fulfil their lives and make them HAPPY..
    I love Esther and Abraham. and have several of their DVDs and this a good choice to share..

    Hope you have recovered well from your cold.. and sending lots of Happy Vibes your way
    Sue 🙂 ❤


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