Rethinking this blog

Hello great ones! This blog has been a bit quiet lately as I’ve been mulling over how to morph it into a theme that continues to inspire me. Initially I was driven to write about holistic mental health, to support the work of Dr Kelly Brogan and other health practitioners who are offering an alternative to the pharma based treatment protocols. I was angry about over prescription of psychiatric medications, the corruption in conventional health care (see talk below) and the lack of awareness about evidence-based alternatives.

However, no matter how compelling the argument and how much evidence the alternative presents… conventional thinking continues and deeply rooted myths persist. Many sheeple are just not willing to challenge the status quo. They believe what they’re  told and nothing is going to convince them otherwise. They are second hand people reciting old thoughtforms. They are not interested in thinking for themselves.

When writing articles for this blog I felt like I was trying to prove my truth.. to convince people of what I’ve always believed intuitively since the word go: that no health issue is isolated, that we are whole beings needing whole health treatment.. that people aren’t just random meat suits with broken biology… there’s a layer of meaning behind many illnesses … that pills are best as bandaids and have serious side effects to consider.. and that they are often not a long term solution. This is a gut feeling/ instinct that I’ve tried to validate by finding practitioners who share my opinion.. and there are many! But at the end of the day I’m done trying to convince! This is my belief system… things I think I know but can’t prove.

Holistic health, alternative health and complementary health.. I’ve been drawn to these areas since I was a teenager. I didn’t have to read evidence or literature to convince me to give them a go. I remember walking into a heathfood store when I was 15 and noticing how it just “felt good in there.” I never needed proof. I always felt at home in this world. I’m drawn to doctors like Kelly Brogan intuitively and don’t care if they get into controversial territory with their protocols. I try things because I feel a pull there. A gut feeling that there’s something relevant for me. I follow my natural curiosity, in an often non-scientific way and I’m 100% okay with this.

So moving forward, I think this blog needs a different theme.. a lighter feel. I’m so bored with the term “mental health” it’s heavy and ironically somewhat depressing in it’s nature. I’m so over even thinking about it. I’m still not sure where I might go though… I need more time to consider what else I can offer here. Bare with me.. I expect to find clarity on this soon!