I’m back and the blog title is the same (for now)

Hello lovely people. I’m back in wordpress land and I have kept the blog title the same (for now). Last month I went through a blogging slump where I felt a bit frustrated with the topic of mental health and I thought about morphing this site into something different. But in reality I think I just needed a break to do some personal contemplation, reading, walking, mediation and refocusing. Over the last few weeks I’ve spent less time on the internet and more time reading real books. There’s something refreshing about good old print… but I’m back now surfing the interwebs with renewed interest.

The frustration I felt in relation to the mental health arena will probably come up again no doubt. It extends to my frustration with the entire medical model, which I believe has been corrupted by a profit driven pharmaceutical industry, that ironically doesn’t always have people’s health as it’s top priority. Okay so maybe I sound like a conspiracy theorist or scientology driven anti-psychiatry campaigner but I promise you I’m neither.  No, I don’t belong to any obscure religious groups and there’s no cult agenda behind this blog.

What drives this blog is a quest for truth in the spirit of activism; to explore the inconvenient facts that your physician might not have told you such as:

  • There is a serious lack of research on the long-term outcomes of people taking psychiatric drugs. The few available studies suggest that all the major classes of psychiatric drugs add little additional long-term benefit, and for some patients they may lead to significantly worse long-term outcomes. EEEK!!!
  • The concept of a chemical imbalance in the brain is a theory not scientific fact… it’s never actually been proven… double EEK!!

The quest for mental health is broad, epic, complex and controversial. Brains live in bodies and bodies inhabit the planet. Environmental scientists tell us our planet is sick, and our behaviour unsustainable. It’s not surprising then that much of this is reflected in our individual pathology. But conventional practice keeps selling the dream of a simplistic problem (broken brains) and magic pill solution. And I keep bumping up against people who have this view… and sometimes I get OVER IT!!

But I’m going to keep my chin up and keep asking questions because that’s me. I’m a curious soul with a sensitive BS meter. So what else is possible? How do we go beyond the corporate slogans and cultivate real, authentic, genuine and lasting mental health? How do we thrive in an insane world?


7 thoughts on “I’m back and the blog title is the same (for now)

    • Thanks for stopping by Sue. Hey can I ask you a question.. do you get these blog updates by email? I usually press the publish button and then make heaps of further edits as I reread and notice mistakes. It just occurred to me that maybe the first version goes out to the email rather than the edited version. Ha some of my first versions are riddled with typos and stuff eeeekkk ha ha. Is that how it works? or when you click on it in the email does it automatically update?

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      • When you press publish, yes it gets sent.. But you can save to drafts.. which is there.. then you can check what your finished version looks like before posting it..
        I have stopped looking at my email list. I dare not tell you how many are in the email box, the last time I looked over 7,000 as I follow the last count 384 blogs.. So I tend now to go into the reader and who is there when I visit is what I comment upon and anyone who takes time to comment and visit always gets a reply and a visit.. I still use the old Edit version though I have not as yet pressed the updated one.. Its less friendly I feel.. So until They make me I will be sticking to the old edit version..
        As to your question when you correct and press update, as you correct errors that goes out.. and then the old one will I think not be there, they get error to that page, as you have created a new page update.. xx Hope that helps xx

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  1. Welcome back 🙂 A break is always good for reinvigorating the mind.

    Given the power of BIG PHARMA over our health, mental and physical, I can appreciate and share your “frustration with the entire medical model, which [you] believe has been corrupted by a profit driven pharmaceutical industry, that ironically doesn’t always have people’s health as it’s top priority.” The moment we acknowledge that corporate profits are paramount to everything we hold sacred, the sooner we can free ourselves from our belief in the “magic pill solution.”

    As a mental health practitioner, you can help your readers to see beyond the corporate slogans.

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