55 assholes: your best teachers

What if your best teachers were 55 assholes? In this comical video below the late self-help author, Stuart Wilde expresses his gratitude for assholes and what they have taught him.

“Isn’t it fantastic that free of charge I’m surrounded by 55 assholes, they are going to teach me a lot about myself.”

At some time or other we all have to deal with assaholic personalities; from garden variety jerks to full blown sociopaths there are plenty out there to keep us on our toes. Whilst it’s normal to feel upset by an asshole sometimes the best thing you can do is step back and gain some perspective. What helps me is to just see it for what it is; to call it out, even if that be just in my head.

This person is behaving like an ass. It might have nothing to do with me. They might be very skilled insensitives, highly adapted pricks, super cunning douche bags. They might be addicted to control, power or subtle manipulation. I don’t have to take that crap on. Neither do you. Easier said than done I know.. but maybe this video might help.

..And lets make a pledge to not be assholes ourselves today.


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