To find health …

to find health

The above quote is a variation of Andrew Taylor Still’s quote “To find health should be the object of the doctor. Anyone can find disease.” (I replaced disease with illness because I think this idea is true for mental illness also.. which is not a disease as such).

Beyond coping, managing and dealing lies a holy grail called HEALTH. What small step towards true health can you take today?




9 thoughts on “To find health …

  1. Saturday is my favorite day of the week. It’s the day I set aside two to three hours to take care of my garden, now mostly comprised of succulent plants following years of drought in California. I forget all my cares and disappointments of the week and am reinvigorated to face the week ahead. The ability of plants to cope with adverse conditions and bounce back with even greater glory is an inspiration for me. Plants also remind me that shedding the old, thereby making way for new life, is a natural part of life. To hold onto old ways that no longer serve us leads to a slow dying of mind and body.


    • Loved your comment Rosaline and have had similar thoughts about plants myself. I’m in a rental property and have a weedy patch of grass out front which I haven’t done much with.. but I planted mint in it a while back just from a cutting, whacked it in the soil and forgot about it/ thought it died. I had a gardener mow the patch a few times to keep it neat an then noticed the mint took off despite obliterating it by accident. Now there’s this cool area of mint thriving. which I’ve sectioned off. Out the back I planted old rotting potatoes that got lost in the back of a cupboard and now they’re growing really well. Hardly even put much effort into it they’re just being hardy and adaptive but once they are ready to harvest the leaves will start to die off and fall away. Nothing is permanent. I used to have a proper permaculture garden in previous rental and marvel over the life cycle of seasonal plants.


  2. Truth and Rosaliene,

    Love your comments about gardening. Even potted plants on an apartment windowsill contribute to global cooling, so this is another healthy dimension of gardening.

    While the comment about doctors finding health makes common sense, that’s not how the unhealthy system is set up. Doctors, especially psychiatrists, don’t get paid unless they can find or create a diagnosis (aka “label”) with which to curse anyone who comes under their purview. Unfortunately, psychiatrists as a group have succumbed to this insanity, as have doctors generally. I believe gardening is much healthier, both mentally and physically, than going to doctors.

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    • Thanks for stopping by and for your reflections. I think conventional medicine is really good for acute and emergency care. But for chronic care and common societal health issues like overwork and chronic stress, many people are simply burnt out and giving them a label does more harm than good.

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      • Agreed. Unfortunately, many don’t know before they walk in the door that labels are required for payment. Once a diagnosis is in the records, it is hard to erase, and it can affect employment, life insurance, and competency determinations later on.

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  3. I agree with one of your replies that conventional medicines is good in some respects and not for others..
    I try to avoid the Drs if at all possible, and look a little deeper into what causes my Dis-ease in the first instance. And then I seek alternatives..
    It took several years for my Dr to diagnose my FMS, and while one just prescribed pain killers, Another was very helpful and put me in touch with the Expert Patient Programme here in the UK

    Its volunteers all who had long term chronic health issues helped sort us into seeing our illness and coping mechanisms in a different light. It led me to target myself to achieve small goals, from walking further to just being able to do the ironing in small bursts..
    That was then and I am 110% well compared to then.. Healing myself on many levels from Reiki, Gong Baths, Spiritual Healing, Homeopathy, to past life regression.. the list goes on.. And each was a necessary step to full health.

    I have regular acupuncture which tops me up.. and was a God send for my FMS.. And have had it every month to six weeks since 2009. An expense, yes, but so much better than paying to swallow chemicals compounds.. which create side effects.. for my pills to be prescribed..
    Dr’s treat our symptoms,yes, but I have found alternative medicine often goes deeper to the cause, And speaking personally, I have never looked back.. But we also must be responsible for our health.. Putting into our bodies and nurturing ourselves.
    We often take better care of our Cars, than we do ourselves, they have regular MOT’s. etc..
    Why I wonder do we fail to nurture ourselves as well..

    A thought provoking post 🙂 and sorry I went on a bit.. 🙂

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