Therapeutic shredding: letting go of 2017

This is my ceremonial shredding of 2017’s crap…. ha ha.

2017 crap bye bye from The Truth About Mental Health on Vimeo.

Yesterday I bought this cheap shredder to destroy old paperwork, correspondence and copies of bills that I no longer need. I also thought the shredded paper would come in handy for wrapping occasional ebay items for postage.

What I wasn’t expecting was for this process to be incredibly therapeutic. Clearing out some cupboards and letting go of 2017 (especially the not so awesome aspects) feels great!! Unwanted correspondence; be gone!! Annoying old bills, paid…. gone!!!! Rejection letter from a potential employer………Shhhhrrrreeeeeedddd.

As I was feeding the papers through I thought about everything I’m happy to leave behind in 2017. What are you ready to leave behind ? This is my 2017 shred list. Feel free to share yours in the comments

Metaphorical shred list: what to leave behind in 2017

  • Bad habits, like over indulging in sweets
  • Wasting time on facebook
  • Seeking the approval of assholes. Wasting my time on people who aren’t worth it
  • Picking the wrong battles to fight. (not picking and choosing by battles)
  • Avoiding problems
  • Procrastinating
  • Neglecting creative projects

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