What if it’s not “all in your head”?

What if your “mental” symptoms were actually physical? What if there was something you could you do to reverse the physical drivers of psychiatric symptoms?

Dr Kelly Brogan, has created this symptom checker tool, to help you explore the possible physical causes of mental health symptoms. As many of you know I’m a huge fan of Dr Brogan and the important work she’s doing in the area of holistic mental health. I highly recommend checking out the tool and any of her informative blogs. 

Today I received this interesting piece via her email list… well worth a read if you’re suffering symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, headaches, poor concentration and forgetfulness.

Reblogged from Dr Kelly Brogan MD

It's not all in your head

Do You Have One of These Psychiatric Pretenders?

As a “science nerd” and holistic psychiatrist, I’ve studied the many physiological systems of the body and their effects on the brain for the better half of the past decade.

And time and time again, the same physical drivers of psychiatric symptoms keep coming back to the surface.

People with all sorts of diagnoses and complaints arrive at my office, everything from bipolar disorder, anxiety, and depression … to insomnia, trouble concentrating, mood swings, and fatigue.

And I’m consistently surprised by how many physicians have completely missed the underlying causes of those symptoms before those patients wind up on my doorstep.

Medicine has unfortunately become very disconnected…

That’s why I decided to create this brand-new Symptom Checker to see if we might be able to help you pull back the curtain on your symptoms directly, and reveal if you could have one or more of what I call the “Psychiatric Pretenders.”

These are the Top 5, real, physical imbalances that can often present as mental or emotional in nature, when in fact are actually physical. And the great news is… THEY’RE COMPLETELY REVERSIBLE! Sometimes only in a matter of days…

I encourage you to take just a minute to answer these questions, and then watch the videos on the results page for anything you might be at risk for. I’ll walk you through what to do next.

It turns out, your symptoms may not be, “All In Your Head” after all…

See you on the other side!
Kelly Brogan, MD

Check your symptoms here:



2 thoughts on “What if it’s not “all in your head”?

  1. Totally agree!!!
    It’s always easy to judge others when you’ve never gone through what they have.
    Our brains and bodies are so interconnected that it still surprises me every day. Thanks for this.

    Liked by 2 people

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